Why Study In Germany?

Located in Central Europe, with a free tuition fee, Germany has a myriad of reasons as the perfect place to pursue a higher education degree.

  1. Quality Education Institute

Germany is the most popular non-Anglophone lecture destination in the world. In addition, the Germans also had many top-ranked universities in Western Europe. In 2015, the Times Higher Rankings placed LMU Munich in the world’s top 29, Heidelberg University at number 37 and the Humboldt University of Berlin at number 49, as well as many other German institutions that included the major 100 Best university in the world.

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Renowned for the quality of teaching and state-of-the-art facilities, the German government is also highly supportive of the higher education sector. Each year the funds are estimated for the research project, allowing students to run a variety of individual projects and research that are becoming pioneers in their field.

  • No tuition fees

Do you dreamed to study in Europe but then disappointed to imagine an expensive tuition fee? If that’s the obstacle, you can consider Germany, where tuition is Free for undergraduate education, even for international students!

In fact, if you pass S1 from a German university, you also have a chance to study S2 for free in Germany. No tuition fees, you can allocate more for living expenses such as accommodation, lesson materials, socializing and travelling! 

  • Employment Opportunities

After graduation, international students are allowed to stay for 18 months in Germany to find work. This policy is very helpful to international students, when compared to the UK who only gave three months time.

According to a German Academic Exchange report (DAAD) in 2004, 50% of international students settled in Germany after graduating from college. Universities in Germany build strong connections with various companies, so students are very helpful when looking for internships or job placements.

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Times Higher Education’s Global Employability University rankinglocates the Technical University of Munich at the 11th position in the world for student work prospects in 2015 (the highest ranking for institutions originating outside the UK, America or Canada).

  • Quality of life

Life as a student in Germany is remarkable. Most major cities in Germany such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are the center of Culture, art and music. There is much to see and do. Whether you’re interested in sports, politics, history or art, you’re sure to find something that fits your interests.

Thanks to the economic power and infrastructure, public transport in Germany is very practical, secure and fast. You can explore from modern buildings, medieval castles and lush gardens, to stunning night views in major cities. ” 

  • International environment

Germany is a paradise for international students and supports multiculturalism. With a variety of lectures courses delivered in English, and free tuition fees, many international students come to school in Germany. Last year, more than 300.000 international students studied in Germany, and the predicted increase in the following year.

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Germany is also located in the middle of Europe, so it is easy to travel from and to other European countries, where you can see new cultures and visit amazing places.

Study In German
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Why not wait? Quickly find a college program that’s right for you in Germany and start your adventure now!

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