What is the scholarship definition?

What is the scholarship definition? A scholarship can be defined as the donation to help others particularly students at schools and colleges so that they are able to finish their study well. Mostly, the scholarship grantees are those students who have problems in paying tuition. Meanwhile, there are some other types of scholarships for students with certain achievements. In this case, you should not be poor for getting them. You only need to achieve something based on the terms and conditions required.

Purposes of Scholarships

Scholarships have some purposes whether they are for the grantees and providers. Particularly for the grantees, they are given to help students to study in their intended schools with free or lower tuition. Besides, the scholarships are also for education and knowledge equity. This way, a certain group of people can continue their life better as well as breaking the chain of poverty.

In general, scholarships are intended to create new generations that are smarter and more intelligent. In fact, many people were actually born with high intelligence and intention to study hard but they don’t have enough access for them. For the providers or government of the related countries, scholarships are parts to improve welfare. When the scholarships are given for international students, it helps the country to build good relationships with the others.

Types of Scholarships

Commonly, the scholarships are known based on the colleges and study programs. For examples, there are the best scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science. Sure, they are intended to the eligible students who are interested to take the major. However, there are some other types that you should acknowledge based on the amount of fund given and where the scholarships come from.

Based on the amount of fund, there are full and partial scholarships. The full scholarships don’t only cover the tuition but also the living cost, transportations, and more. In contrast with the full ones, the partial scholarships only cover tuition only. Even some of them only give the grantees the fund of 40% or 60% of the total cost to pay.

In term of where the scholarships come from, they can be from the government, private institutions, international donors, community, or a certain person. In general, those providers have intentions to help others to improve their educations. Sure, they must be appreciated. So, are you still looking for the scholarship definition?

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