Types of Bachelor Degree in the UK

Bachelor degree can be defined as the degree to achieve with some requirements. Commonly, the students need to finish the study for 8 semesters and there is a final paper to present and test. Almost all the universities in the world provide this degree.

In some countries, there are additional requirements to fulfill. For example, in the UK, there is an access program. The access program is to lessen the gap between the qualifications that you have achieved with the requirements given. In general, there are some types of bachelor’s degree recognized in this country. Here they are.

Bachelor’s Degree

In England, North Ireland, and Wales, the bachelor program is commonly done in 3 years. it is mainly if you want to achieve the honors title like the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. In Scotland, the period to pass through is similar, it is 3 years but for the honors title, it takes around 4 years. Uniquely, for the bachelor’s degree, the title to have is similar to Master; they are Master of Arts, Master of Science, and so on. Well, it depends on the tradition and habit in the areas for sure.

In many types of bachelor’s program, there are many scholarships offered. One of them is the best scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science. The scholarships can cover all things including the costs to finish the final paper. In the UK, the students must also choose a set of modules to be learned during the study time.

Most of the institutions in the UK offer you a chance to choose two study programs of more. It all involves many subjects to study with different values. This program is named the sandwich program and it needs additional time for a year. Mainly, it is when the students need to have a kind of the practical work experience.

Higher National Diploma

Another type of bachelor’s degree in the UK is known as the Higher National Diploma or HND. It is a program for 2 years that combines the job preparation and all the qualifications needed. Similar to HND, there is the Higher National Certificate or HNC. HNC is intended for them who have other activities aside from studying. This part time program is given for the students in their second or third year of the study. In Scotland, HNC must be done for a year. This way, the title achieved is similar to the bachelor degree.

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