Top Study Programs with the Title of Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts or BA is the bachelor-level achievement given by many universities in the world. Sure, it gives you many benefits toward your study continuity and career. In general, BA has the same degree as the Bachelor of Science or BSc. However, this title is intended for people who take certain majors related to arts, humanity, social, business, and law. The candidates must present their final papers or theses to get the degree. There are some favorite study programs with BA for the title. What are they? Here are the examples.

BA in Business and Management

This major is considered one of the majors with the most enthusiasts all around the world. There are even many top-class universities in the world that present it. The most popular one is probably the Business School of Harvard in the environment of Harvard University. Mostly, the business schools prepare the students to be qualified businessmen whether they want to be employees in big companies or build their own business empire. In the classroom, they may find materials and theories.

BA in Psychology

The department of psychology is one of the departments with many enthusiasts. It even provides many scholarships in which the number is behind the best scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science. The students are prepared as they study various disciplines of knowledge. However, the focuses are still in theoretical and applied psychology. Some top class universities provide the psychology faculty and study programs along with many facilities including professional lecturers and laboratories.

BA in Law

What do you think about the faculty of law? Well, it may provide graduates that are soon to be a lawyer, prosecutor, and even judge. That’s true for sure. However, without having a good background, they mean nothing. In fact, the law is an area that is challenging and sometimes really difficult to conquer. That’s why; they are so many knowledge areas to study if you want to get the title. There are even additional courses to make sure that the students are ready to meet the law application in the real world.

BA in Applied Anthropology

The students of this major are intended to have some areas of knowledge. They are the knowledge regarding the human itself in the dimension of social and culture, linguistics, history, and more. Besides, they also learn about how a good life should be in the future. So, are you interested to get Bachelor of Arts in Applied Anthropology?

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