Things You Must Know to Get Bachelor of Arts Communication

Do you want to get a bachelor of arts communication? Have you already known what you will study if you decide to take this major? Even though arts communication major is getting popular nowadays, not many people know the purpose of studying arts communication and the kinds of job fields which are suitable for this major graduate. So, for you who want to take arts communication major of the best universities for graduate jobs, here are the things that you must know first.

Lessons of Bachelor of Arts Communication

In the art communication department, you will be able to learn about sociology, politics, until arts to create advertisements and photography. But in the first year, you will still have to learn the basic lessons of art communication and social. The lessons that will be taught to you are general, such as mass communication, introduction to communication science, sociology of communication, and communication psychology. In the third semester, you will be able to choose specific lessons which are suitable for your passions. But the specific lessons are different at each university.

Generally, the specific lessons available in the art communication department are public relations, communication management, and journalism. Moreover, you will learn a lot of communication theories. Studying communication theories will make you more aware of the reality happens in your daily life. Those theories will help you to understand more about communication behaviors in your daily life.

You Will be Given Fun Tasks

For you who do not really like theoretical things, do not be worried. In order to get a bachelor of arts communication, you will not only learn about theories. You will also be given chances to practice the theories. You will get fun tasks, such as making a movie and broadcast production. You will be able to know the production process of TV broadcasting as well as how to be a cameraman, creative team, floor director, producer, reporter, presenter, and news anchor. Not only television but you will also learn the production process of radio broadcasting and other media.

There is also photography lessons. You will learn about techniques that will create amazing photos. The tasks and homework that will be given to you are also fun. It is not only about papers and journals. Sometimes, the tasks given are making a clip video, short movie, or advertisement.

So, are you interested to get a bachelor of arts communication as your bachelor degree?

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