The Ultimate College Guides: The Easiest College Majors

Do the easiest college majors exist? Basically, the terms of easiest are very subjective, considering each individual might give a different point of view on this case. Still, it is very possible to get a bachelor degree in something easy for you.

Some of them might be also included in one of the best universities for graduate jobs. In this article, we are going to write some pros and cons of a few majors in universities. You can decide which one that might work easy for you and which one that might not.

The easiest college majors list

Psychology major

This department might suit you who love to listen and help people or simply giving them such motivation. This major will let you learn how the human psyche works as well as discover the behavior within society and culture. Of course, there are pros and cons you need to know.

This major allows you to get a wide range of career specialization from a clinical situation up to lab work. Basically, this major is about people and it is possible to work in a high setting of a social environment. It also helps you get better communication and analytical skill. However, there might require you to do so many analysis and research. To be a certified psychologist, you need to pursue higher education.

Criminal Justice major

The next name on the easiest college majors in criminal justice. We can simply say that this major works as a hero without superhero strength. You would love this major because it is very exciting especially if you want to work with people. The job opportunities allow you to get a huge amount of salary. This will be suitable for those who do not like intensive writing or reading. However, it could be pretty stressful for some people.

English major

If you love to read then the English major would be the easiest for you. It will force you to read and focus on various literary works and make some analyzes about them. You would love this major if you like books and no research paper needed as well. You can pursue careers in various fields such as insurance writers or even an FBI agent.

However, the focus is not like other major considering there are so many career paths. And, of course, you will need to read and write a lot. And this is the end section of the easiest college majors.

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