The Best CSWE Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in 2019

Council on Social Work Education or CSWE is the accreditation council for online bachelor’s degree programs. The accreditation is given due to some factors include the availability of online learning, student engagement, affordability, job placement, and more. If you are looking for the best CSWE accredited online bachelor’s degree programs, here is the list of universities to help you narrow your choice.

#1. University of North Dakota

With more than 149,000 students enroll in this university, the University of North Dakota is one of the people’s favorite if they want to pursue a bachelor degree. This university has got 110th the Top Public College and the 202nd Best University nationwide by the World Report and the U.S News. With just $339 per credit, you can have web class schedules based on your preference.

#2. University of Utah

Another online bachelor’s degree programs that have been accredited by CSWE is the University of Utah. The university is also classified as a flagship public space-grant institution for doctoral programs that has RU/ VH research status. Today, there are more than 31,500 students that pursue an online bachelor degree program at the university. The students should complete 51 credit hours of majors that culminate with a field internship. The online tuition per semester of the best CSWE accredited online bachelor’s degree programs provided by the university reaches $3,8421 (in-state) and $10,817 (out-state).

#3. Brandman University

One of the best MBA world-class universities that can be pursued online is the one offered by Brandman University. There are 26 extension centers and online programs provided by the university. The students who pursue a bachelor degree program in the university should complete 48-credit majors. You also need to complete 400 practice hours in order to get a bachelor degree. In this way, you will be able to graduate from the university with MSW advanced standing and BASW-level state licensing. Meanwhile, the online tuition fee you should is about $500 per credit.

#4. University of Alaska – Fairbanks

Another best CSWE accredited online bachelor’s degree programs is the University of Alaska which is located in Fairbanks. The university has been granted awards as the 202nd Best University and the 110th Best Public School worldwide. There will be 120-credit programs that the students have to complete. The credit programs offered by the university include 400 practicum hours that the students must conduct in social service agencies. The online tuition fee that should be paid by the students reaches $192 to $232.

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