The Best Colleges in the Higher Ed Jobs in the World

For you who are looking for the higher ed jobs, you may need to take an education major in the college. Yes, it is time to improve the education in your country by being a quality teacher there. You should not worry since there are some colleges in the world that are considered the best in term of education majors. The scores they gain are almost perfect. So, what are those recommended educational colleges?

University College London

University College London (UCL) is a university in London, the UK that is focused on education areas. Among all the faculties available, there is one of them namely the Institute of Education that provides various grades, courses, and research related to the education. The majors are also various including Art and Culture; Digital Technologies and Education; Learning, Research, and Assessment; and many more.

Harvard University

The faculties in Harvard are known with the term “schools”. Well, for the education faculty, this university has Harvard Graduate School of Education (HSGE). HSGE was established in 1920 and there are so many graduates from the school who are famous as professionals and experts in the area of education.

Stanford University

Stanford University is well known for the best scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science. But more than that, it has many other achievements including some excellent faculties and study programs. One of them is the Graduate School of Education, a faculty that is focused on the areas of education. The university also has 17 research centers and more than 100 specializations in this area. The education faculty at Stanford is one of the oldest in the world since 1891.

University of Cambridge

The education areas in the University of Cambridge are under the Faculty of Education. There are 4 teaching programs; Graduate Study, Undergraduate Study, the Postgraduate Certified in Education, and Professional Development. Aside from those 4, 3 research groups are also provided in this faculty to support education in the UK and even in the world.

University of Oxford

The faculty of education at the University of Oxford is namely the Department of Education. Well, it has been established for more than a century. The faculty has been famous for its quality and it brings them to be on the rank 5 in the world. At least, this top university in the UK has 7 programs under the area of education. Sure, the graduates can easily get higher ed jobs as well.

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