Must Read! 8 Skills A Student Needs To Have

What kind of lecture? Certainly the lecture life is much different from life during high school. Ranging from teaching style to delivering lessons, completing assignments, participating in classes and finding new friends, all is a new experience for a student who is just starting his step as a student.

Steven Schwartz of The Guardian explains several skills students need to have to conform to university life. Sometimes some have these skills but have no opportunity to show them so that they are unaware of their own potential. There are also some who while living the university life have the opportunity to hone the skills. Yes, college time is indeed the right time to seek and establish our own identity.

So what are the essential skills a student to have to achieve the best in college?

  • Flexible

Open-minded is important. During the lecture, let alone abroad, of course we will see many differences of opinion and habits of life. That is a natural thing, because different backgrounds will of course affect the way of thinking and the habit of one’s life. Assuming the difference is something wrong is not the right step. It would be better to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know the culture and habits of fellow students from other countries and mingle with them. Thus you already have one of the criteria that the company is interested in.

  • Hold the Banting

Perhaps some students face the difficulties at the beginning of college. But don’t give up quickly. It is reasonable to confront shock, homesick, panic can not follow the lessons and others. Still, overseas universities always provide support services for international students. From where to consult the advisers to help students follow the lesson. So when you find a problem, talk and seek help. After that maybe you will feel, in fact this problem is not as popular as I suppose.

Must Read! 8 Skills A Student Needs To Have
Must Read! 8 Skills A Student Needs To Have
  • Can adapt

The more we mature, adjusting to circumstances is very important. As children, maybe the people around us still give understanding and giving. However, this is not the case during college. Let’s say you’re afraid to have a public presentation. Lecturers will probably understand, but to get value, you should still have a good presentation. The solution is to visit the university’s Student Support Center. There they will give you feedback and train you. One of the advisers there may be your senior who also used to have a sense of self-confidence to speak in public places. College time is the time to exit the comfort zone. Always don’t be afraid to talk about the problems faced and ask for help. The Student Support Center exists because the university understands only natural new students face discomfort with their new life. Importantly, students want to try to find a solution. This is one of the skills a student that must be.

  • Be a good member of the group

During college there are many tasks that must be completed in groups. Not because this task cannot be solved by itself, but lecturers do want to practice student group work skills, where they can divide tasks, complete responsibilities, and again the most important is learning to be flexible and can Differences between group members. This group work is also a good opportunity to bring closer students closer to each other.

  • Technological literacy

The university is full of sophisticated IT facilities. Because technology is making life easier today. So you should follow the development times. At least make sure you know your software, apps or gadgets that are trending among students or in areas relevant to your studies.

  • Can read the situation

Wise people can read the situation, so they can teach or even lead. While people are not aware of what is happening can only follow. This ability will be invaluable when entering the real world: the workforce, where the superiors or people around us will not clearly tell us what we should do. So should be smart-read the situation.

  • Unlimited Learning

While college grades are certainly important. However, the study here is not merely science but also other interpersonal skills. Science is infinite, so does the world we occupy now. Changes are always there, so we have to keep the eye on and learn so as not to miss out.

  • Take advantage of existing opportunities

For some, it is important that while college is pursuing value, so it can get a good value certificate. But there are also people who utilize college to find friends, enjoy the social life as a student. Some understand the lecture is preparing to enter the workforce, so as to use this time well to establish a connection, either with a lecturer, or with a supervisor during the internship, so that later find the job easily. Including what are you?

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There are 8 skills a student who must be in the students, now!

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