New Zealand Program To Help International Students Find Work

New Zealand launches Employment Support Programme for international students. The Program, launched by The Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS), aims to bridge the higher education and potential work of alumni attending New Zealand. In many countries that are popular lecture destinations, as soon as they graduate from college, international students who wish to stay in the country are required to meet certain requirements in order to apply for a new visa, which includes Work permit.

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The Program focuses on specific knowledge of the New Zealand job market, as well as the skills that are being turned to find work, which is kehlian in communicating.

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Here are some guidelines for getting a job abroad:

  • Accentuate your strengths as an international student

If you are an international student, then you must speak a language other than English, such as your native language, or a primary introductory language in your country. It is one of your strengths. What’s more if your job requires skill to translate. If you are not interested in translating work, please consider this work as the beginning of your career. You can use this opportunity to learn the real world of work and even build a connection to your desired career.

  • Ask for feedback from others

You can try to find out from other international students. They don’t have to be students who come from the same country as you. Share with other international students as much as possible. They will usually have the same perspective in terms of job search compared to local students. Your Senior may be able to provide feedback that will help you in getting the job. Or who knows in the company they’re working on are there vacancies that are right for you.

  • Customizing Your CV

CV has many formats, and each country may vary. It’s a good idea to find out which CV is commonly used in the countries where you want to find work. Details such as photos, information about yourself, may have a big impact on the appearance of your CV. For that, it’s a good idea to ask for guidance from your university career services. Usually they provide a CV writing training service and provide examples of CV that are commonly used in their countries.

  • Requesting help from a student association

Your University Student Association (or career Services Department) can help you find jobs. They can give you an important number or email address that you can call to get a job. What’s more if your university has a strong network with various industries and corporations.

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