List of the Best and Accredited Universities Worldwide 2018-2019

List of the Best and Accredited Universities Worldwide 2018-2019 – Recently, QS World University Ranking has released the list of the best and accredited universities in the world for the period of 2018-2019. There are some indicators for the measurement; the academic reputation, graduates reputation, the ratio of faculty and students, quotes of scientific journals, and international faculty, and international students. Aside from those indicators, the scholarship definition that is given to students also becomes a supporting factor for the determination. So, what are the universities on the list? Here they are.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT has still not yet defeated as the best university in the world. This university has been on the top of the rank for seven years consecutively. Meanwhile, the scores of the best academic reputation and the best graduates’ reputation are number 3 and 4 worldwide respectively.

Innovation, research, and technology become the main points of this university with 5 superior study programs including Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Arts and Humanism, Social and Management, and Science. The university is also one of the best computer science colleges in the world for some years.

Stanford University

Stanford is one of the biggest university in the US and the world. It successfully maintains the position as the best research college for some study programs. Those study programs are the postgraduate program of business, geography, energy and environment, postgraduate program of education, engineering, humanism, law, and medical school. This university is also named as one of the best business colleges in the world and the best study programs for online teaching jobs.

Harvard University

Harvard University has consistently included in the row of the best 5 universities in the world. Although this year it is only in the number 3 of the rank, this university is still being the role model for other universities in the world.

Some study programs in this university are considered the best in the world. They are accounting and finance, law, business and management, and politic science. Even it is recently being on the top of the best psychology colleges in the world. There are many notable graduates from this university with awards from Nobel, Pulitzer, and Academy Awards. Some actors and film directors are known from Harvard University including Tommy Lee Jones and Natalie Portman. So, is it the best film college in the world? It can be.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology or Caltech is in the fourth rank of the list. The best score gained is from the ratio of students and faculty. Even in term of the quotes of scientific journals, it defeats MIT, the best university in the world. The reputations should not be undoubted anymore particularly in the area of engineering and technology. Moreover, Caltech is recently named as one of the best colleges for graphic design in the world.

University of Oxford

In the year of 2018-2019, Oxford improves its achievement and it is now in the number 5 of the list. Sure, in the UK, it is the best university above Cambridge. The best scores achieved are including for the academic reputation, graduates, and ratios of faculty and students. Well, you must know Stephen Hawking for his bachelor’s degree, Oscar Wilde, Theresa May, Benazir Bhutto, and even Hugh Grant? They are the alumni.

There are some study programs that are named as the best ones in Oxford and in the world. They are Mathematics Humanism, Physics, and Medical School. This university is named as the best medical school in the world as well as it is enlisted as one of the best forensic science colleges in the world.

University of Cambridge

Still in England, there is the University of Cambridge in the next rank of the list. The scores of this university are the best in the indicator of Academic Reputation and Graduates Reputation. Some notable alumni of this university is Stephen Hawking for his postgraduate program and higher ed jobs, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, John Milton, King Edward VII, and actress Rachel Weisz.

There are some renowned study programs from the University of Cambridge; they are Arts and Humanism, Biology, Medical School, Social Science, Physics, and Technology. The college is also always included in the best marine biology colleges in the world for some years.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is also known as ETH Zurich. The university is named as one of the best universities in the world and the rank is improved for this year. ETH Zurich is indeed the best in term of quotes of academic journals. Besides, the research in this college becomes the role model for other colleges in the world. The best study programs from the university are Geography and Marine Science.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is on the 8th rank this year and it is the best in London. The best score is gained from the indicator of international students. The university is really superior in the areas of science and technology. Based on the data from QS World University Rankings, some of the top study programs from ICL are Technology, Engineering, and Nature and Environmental Science Study Programs.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago in the US is on the 9th rank of the list with the highest score for the academic reputation. For 5 years, this university has been included in the top class university in the world. Moreover, there are indeed some study programs that are considered the best including Accounting, Finance, Anthropology, Sociology, Economy, and English Literature. Recently, it is also enlisted in the best photography colleges in the world.

University College London

This year, University College London or UCL steps down to the 10th rank of the list. But still, this college is still considered one of the best colleges worldwide. The highest score is obtained from the indicator of Academic Reputation. The best study programs are Medical Schools, Psychology, Pharmacy, Psychology, and Geography.

Aside from those colleges on the list, there are some best vocational colleges in the world you should not miss out. There is Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts for the best culinary colleges in the world and the best cooking colleges in the world, the University of Divinity for the best theology colleges in the world, and the United States Military Academy for the best military colleges in the world.

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