List of the Best and Accredited Master Programs Worldwide

List of the Best and Accredited Master Programs Worldwide – Are you interested to continue your study in the near future. Well, let’s say you have graduated from college with a bachelor degree; it is a good idea for sure to apply for the postgraduate program. If you are able to enter the best universities in the world for the postgraduate, it is much better for sure. Below, there are some universities with the best master programs in the world. What are they?

University of Oxford

Oxford is always named as one of the best universities in the world. It is seen from many indicators particularly in term of academic and graduates reputations. Sure, you can see there are notable names in the world that were graduated from the University of Oxford. Stephen Hawking is one of them along with around 26 Prime Ministers of the UK. This college is indeed well-known for the Bachelor of Science degree. But more than that, it is also the best in term of literature study programs including Modern Languages, English Education, and English Literature.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In general, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is on the top of the rank of the best universities list worldwide. But in term of the postgraduate program, it is the runner up under the University of Oxford. There are more than 12 study programs from this university that is really good in master degrees. They are including Economy, Econometrics, Linguistics, Physics, Astrophysics, and Chemistry. Well, although the bachelor of engineering at MIT is still highlighted the most, it is recommended if you apply for the non-science programs in this university for the master degree. Well, Linguistics is a good example of it.

Harvard University

Harvard University, for years, is known as the best university, not only in the US but also in the world. Unfortunately, it must confess the greatness of MIT this year. But it doesn’t mean that this college is far below the Institute of Massachusetts. The university that is also located in Massachusetts is now in the 3rd rank of master programs in the world. There are some superior study programs; they are Law, Business and Management, and Political & International Studies. Additionally, Harvard’s Bachelor of Science in accounting, Bachelor of Science in business administration, and master of a business program are some of the top study programs in the world.

The Royal College of Art

Do you just get the title of Bachelor of Arts? Well, if you want to improve both your knowledge and title, this is the time to look for the colleges with the master of art programs. One of them is The Royal College of Art, Located in London, England. There are some flagship programs including Art & Design. There are many famous artists that graduated from this college. They are David Hockney, an English famous painter and Alan Rickman, an actor, popular for his role as Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter’s film series.

University of Cambridge

Nowadays, this university is more well-known for its bachelor study programs including the online bachelor study programs. You can also know more about it including the bachelor degree abbreviation by visiting this college online and offline. However, it doesn’t mean that the master programs can just be underestimated. Well, even Stephen Hawking takes his postgraduate program at this college. If its neighbor, Oxford, is better known for the master programs in science and literature, Cambridge is famous for the masters of mathematics, history, and archeology. Well, it is like Professor Indiana Jones.

University of Southern California

This university doesn’t have any relationship with the University of California for sure. But undeniably, both are named as the best universities in the world. Recently, this university is well-known more for its bachelor degrees. It is even awarded as the best CSWE Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs and often talked about in Bachelor Reddit. However, the master degree programs should not be missed out particularly in the areas of communications and media studies.

University of Pennsylvania

This public college is always included in the list of top universities in the US and even in the world. Well, it is although unfortunately, it has still not yet in the top 10 world-class universities. In fact, the University of Pennsylvania indeed provides some flagship study programs particularly in the area of nursing. Aside from being famous for the Bachelor of Science in nursing, you can continue your study in nursing here. Yes, there is the master program of nursing in this university that has been accredited for years. Before applying for it, make sure to learn why nursing school accreditation matters a lot on the university’s official website.

University of Hong Kong

Some top universities in Asia also offer their master programs to the world. One of them is the University of Hong Kong. This university has some top programs looking for by students worldwide. One of them is the dentistry program for both bachelor and master degrees. The competition of this program entrance is very tight. From a total of more than 50,000 applicants in a year, there are only 350 of them who are accepted.

University College London Institute of Education

Do you want to deepen your knowledge in the area of education? It seems that the University College London Institute of Education is the best answer. Even in many prestigious surveys, this college is on the top rank of educational universities in the world. There are some best programs offered. They are including the Master of Counseling and Guidance. This program is even known as an affordable accredited master’s in school counseling.

ETH Zurich

Not only in the US and UK, but the top class university is also in Swiss. One of them is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or ETH Zurich. This college offers some programs in the fields of science. The most well-known study programs are the Earth and Marine Science. But it doesn’t mean that other subjects can just be underestimated. In fact, you can continue your higher ed jobs of bachelor data sciences computer here. There are indeed some master programs for computer sciences. Interestingly, the most popular scientist all around the world was graduated from this university. He is Albert Einstein.

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