In the year 2019 apparently students will feel at home at the Perth campus

Gaw Capital Partners (GCP) Hospitality gives you the newest idea, the Perth campus provides a place worthy of you if you choose Perth for the future.

The world-class system, becomes a necessity that will be important to life in the midst of the city. The Perth campus is home to international and domestic students who thrive in it, with students from Southeast Asia who want to continue their education in Austalia.  Located in the vibrant Northbridge area in the centre of the city of Stirling 80 This street has been designed with very innovative ideas and trendy decorations. This is done to support multi-tasking of students and improve the urban lifestyle of being a student.

Hyperlocal targets a unique and authentic approach

Hyperlocal was subjected to Eva Sue’s approach in designing a unique interior and realised every space on 11 floors that had been prepared. The design takes a ‘ hyperlocal ‘ approach with a customised emphasis, a unique and authentic experience to the Perth campus by assigning local art and creating an integrated space for organizing events and cultural activities.

The Perth campus features attractive design and outstanding architectural elements combining GCP Hospitality experience and knowledge of international design and lifestyle trends within the hotel, restaurant and environment along with Woods Bagot’s local insight and global practice in the architecture of experience, to create a common space that blends every space while creating a dynamic and engaging community that allows students to engage in a communal and Collective, while enjoying the experience.

2019 apparently students will feel at home at the Perth campus
2019 apparently students will feel at home at the Perth campus

Based on information from GCP Hospitality Chief Marketing Officer, the Perth campus is beyond the limits between traditional student accommodations and shared living spaces in providing the best, in the upcoming generations. The Perth campus is a student lifestyle that empowers independent living, while being part of the social, has a broader academic, is equally minded and creates a vibrant community. This will also contribute and enhance the bustling urban area, he said.

Features of Perth Campus

This collaboration between GCP Hospitalit has an emphasis on design, functionality and technology, this Intercampus campus provides 726 beds in four highly functional rooms that inspire such, from four and six bedrooms, Spacious for two people, and a private studio apartment. Each room has a strong design look and feel and is equipped with Wi-Fi speed, lockable drawer, bathroom, study table, entrance card access.

The diversity and unique identity of each room offers a choice for students, and how they socialize, study, collaborate, and seek a short break. The space is designed to be fun, to inspire and motivate, with elements of surprise and excitement.

The Perth campus has 5 spaces in 3,600 square meters of communal space with different designs. Among them is the gym, here students can use it on the second floor to burn calories for free with the complete equipment. Then there is, a space where students learn outside the cool class with the unlimited scope of the student in the move because the space called The Link combines student work networks, libraries, and meeting rooms that can accommodate between 6 Up to 20 students.

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Although The Link contains about a place of study, different from The Commons which is where students can then return to relax, and mingle. There is also a billiard table and a play area for them. Then, each floor will be provided with the kitchen as a complement to your days as a Perth campus student. Everything heats up in the last room that can be visited namely the Rooftop, the perfect place to bake, relax with friends and celebrate the party at the latest Perth campus.

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