Higher ED Jobs of Bachelor Data Science Computer – Awesome Jobs You Can Get

Data science consists of various disciplines that range from statistics to computer science and it supports so many technology jobs today. In this way, more people pursue bachelor data science computer degree programs in the university. Find out the higher Ed Jobs of bachelor data science computer that become the big hits in 2019.

#1. Big-Data Engineer

One of the most popular jobs for those who want to pursue a career in data career science computer, then the big-data engineer could be one of the best choices to take. As a big-data engineer, you will be responsibilities to use both the machine learning tools and AI to gather data. You will also need to evaluate customer and internal data. Your responsibilities also include developing automated or recommendation systems. The salary for professional big-data engineers ranges from $55,000 to $100,000. Big companies that hire big-data engineer include JoltTech (Los Angeles, California), Unitedhealth Group (Minnetonka, Minnesota), and 23andMe (Mountain View, California).

#2. Business Intelligence Analyst

Your responsibilities as the business intelligence analyst include gather internal and external data as well as analyze them. Then, you need to identify trends based on the data analyzed associated with the business operations. You also have to make recommend plans in order to reduce cost or increase revenue. Meanwhile, the salary you will receive for the higher Ed jobs bachelor data science computer as a business intelligence analyst can reach $60,000 to $104,000. The big companies that hire professional business intelligence analysts are City of Seattle, Keurig Dr. Pepper (Plano, Texas), and Vidant Health (Greenville, North Carolina).

#3. Database Administrator

The best MBA from world-class universities that offer the bachelor data science computer degree programs will make it possible for you to have a good future career as a database administrator. The responsibilities you should take as a database administrator include implement, develop, design, and maintain the organizational databases exist. You also need to create or follow the procedures and process to optimize the quality and performance of the data integrity with the salary that ranges from $60,000 to $106,000. You can apply for jobs as a database administrator at Macy’s (Johns Creek, Georgia), University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky), and Sherwin-Williams (Cleveland, Ohio).

#4. Epidemiologist

One of the higher Ed jobs bachelor data science computer science you can get is the epidemiologist. Your job will include clean, sort, analyze, and create data in order to support health initiatives or clinical studies. You can work at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (San Diego, California) or Anthem (Wilmington, Delaware) with a salary that ranges from $50,000 to $96,000.

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