Best Automotive Scholarships to Apply For – Do you have a passion for Mustangs? Then try and apply for this $500 grant! Well, if you have a great passion for Mustangs or automotive in general then this list of scholarship below might be something you need right now. Pursuing a higher degree will also require money. So, here is the list you need to read.


#1 AAUW: LEW Williams Scholarship and Leila Sulkes Scholarship – Automotive Scholarships in Texas

We will ask the same question to you: do you have a passion for Mustangs? Then try and apply for this $500 grant. Actually, the amount awarded is USD 2,000 and it will be enough for your tuition fee.

This annual scholarship is offered to women who live in the areas of New Jersey and at least 25 years of age. Applicants must have enrolled in an accredited graduate or bachelor degree. The money will be submitted to the school or university of the recipient to pay for the tuition. So, if you are eligible then you need to apply for this scholarship, especially if you have such an interest in automotive.

#2 American Muscle’s Student Scholarship

Four awards are provided by this scholarship on a yearly basis. This scholarship also offers USD 2,000 for each recipient. This annual scholarship is offered to seniors in high school or college students who have been enrolled in a postsecondary degree in any automotive subject. Candidates will be asked to submit an essay about their intention of contribution related to the industry of custom cars. Other than that, applicants must provide proof of enrollment during the submission. The money will be awarded during the spring or fall semester to pay the tuition fees. It can be touted as one of the scholarships with favorite study programs in universities.

#3 Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship

The Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship is an annual scholarship offered for one recipient with the amount of USD 5,000. Basically, everyone who is pursuing a degree in any field related to technology can apply no matter what higher education level you are currently pursuing. However, applicants need to be attending a college with accreditation located in Texas or Louisiana.

Candidates must also submit a personal statement of 800 words as well as two pieces of recommendation letters. The money will be awarded to pay for tuition fees and other expenses related to school. So, do you have a passion for Mustangs? Then try and apply for this $500 grant!

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