Top 3 Free Project Management and IT Courses Online – Are you looking for free online course about IT project and program management? Well, in this article, we have a list of free courses related to IT and project management. IT and program management courses have become popular subject nowadays. Other than that, all of them are done online so you do not need to move from your current place, which will be the pros of an online course for sure. Taking a course will also allow you to get more certifications so you will get a better salary as well so, here is the list.

Project Management and IT Courses Online

#1 Alison – Best Free Online Course in Project Management

This online course offers a comprehensive project management review and it will cover topics such as project lifecycle, tool sets, and methodology. As the best free online course about IT project and program management, this course will provide a good basic education for beginners when it comes to learning various system development phases. The program will take about 10 hours and a final review test is required at the end of the course. The materials can be accessed for free and once you have passed the assessments, you can get the official Alison Diploma as well.

#2 Coursera

Coursera offers a set of specialization courses when it comes to the project management field. It includes the introduction, initiating the project, and make plans. Many courses within this course are delivered in a partnership with the University of California, Irvine. Most classes are also offered for free when it comes to accessing the materials. If you want to have coursework as well as a certificate of it then you may need to pay for an additional fee. Still, it is worth the try, considering this is one of the scholarships with favorite study programs in universities. All you need to do is check the official website.

#3 Oxford Home Study College

When it comes to online courses for IT and program management, Oxford Home Study College cannot be excluded at all. The college offers professional courses no matter where you are right now. It will take about 80 hours to finish the whole course and it will include the introduction, knowledge of project management role, and depth knowledge of the project lifecycle. Your certificate will be issued and emailed to your without any extra charge. So, this is the end section of free online course about IT project and program management.

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