Finding Jobs After Graduating In Finland

The working market conditions in Finland are advantageous enough for international students. In the year 2017, the percentage of unemployment in Finland was at 7.5%. Many industries are rapidly expanding, such as electronics, metal, wood, paper, agriculture and forestry.

Especially in the field of health, many workers who have aged, while many vacancies that require a younger workforce. Other industries that are understaffed are people’s work and services that support people’s lives and many businesses.

What kind of job market in Finland?

Graduates who have work experience in engineering, IT and electronics are sought after. To be well received, it is advisable to understand the work ethic and Finnish language. In terms of language, it is ready to compete with local graduates who are usually fluent in several languages such as English, Swedish (official language), German, French and even Spanish.

Finland jobs
Finland jobs

Can I settle in Finland?

Indonesian students need to apply for a residence permit. This license must be taken care of before graduating. The residence permit will give you 1 year to find a job.

Why Study In Finland?

According to the Migri website, once you’ve completed one degree or another qualification in Finland, you can apply for a new residence permit, once you find a job. After finding a job and having lived in Finland for some time, you can apply for a permanent residency.

How do I find jobs?

You can try many ways. The best place to start is the university. Career Services There can provide a guide to find a job. Career week can also be a great way to meet potential employers. This career week is usually held by a university or a company. 

Course Study Finland

International students are advised to apply to the Employment Economic Development Office, which will help provide guidance on finding jobs and completing forms.  The Study in Finland website advises students to search outside and contact companies engaged in the field according to their majors.

As in general, when applying for a job need to include a CV and cover letter. Some companies also accept online job applications. You just need to fill out the form on their official website.

Some sites provide job vacancy information – Jobs in Helsinki and Work in Finland are resources you can use to find work. It also contains a lot of information and input to find jobs in Finland. 

Visit : Education Finland

Tips for finding a job in Finland

  • Apply for renewal of residence permit before expiration
  • Get to know Finnish work culture and ethics. This information is important so that you perform well during a job interview, drafting a CV and in a working environment
  • Take advantage of career services at universities to find feedback and guidance on finding jobs
  • Find out more information on official websites such as InfoPankki and Study in Finland.

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