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Schools in South Korea may be of no difference to schools in other countries by having similarities in many aspects. But there are also some differences that need to be taken into account.

One goal that students want to achieve in the world when going to education is to achieve a success in the future. But each school has different techniques and standards applied to its students, and it can be positive or negative.

School in South Korea very difficult

As it has become a general secret, the education system in South Korea is well-known competitive. And there are some other reasons why the school in the carousel is so difficult, as reported by Koreaboohere.

  • Students are very competitive

Contrary to many failure standards in different countries, South Korea believes that the only way to succeed is by going to school and following all classes. There is high competition among students to be admitted to college, because it is not always available to everyone.

  • Students strive to adapt themselves to

In other countries, students are taught to stand out and be themselves, but this is not the case in Korea. Their goal is to fit and adapt to other students, thereby avoiding bullying to students that are too prominent.

  • No such thing as dropout

Although students experience a failure (value) in class or cause problems at school, students have no option to dropout a drop in school alias. If there is an option, students will be transferred to a new school. However, the dropout has never been an option because the Korean government hopes have a high percentage of students ‘ students.

  • School can be up to 16 hours a day

A student usually wakes up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready to go to school. And unlike most other countries, schools in Korea can run for up to 16 hours. After finishing at 4pm, many of them take extra lessons until midnight. They are very hard at work in order to pass the university entrance exams.

  • The student is a clean-up man

In Korea, they usually have only one janitor at school. But the task is just fixing windows and replacing lights. While other jobs like clearing classrooms, schools, bathrooms, and gyms are done by students before and after class begins. This is done so that students are disciplined and learn to cleanse themselves.

  • Physical punishment is still valid

Each time students break the rules or interrupt lessons in class, teachers still punish them physically. Students will usually hold their hands while the GRU will hit their hands with a ruler or stick. Another sentence we commonly see in drama is that students raise their hands upwards for some time.

  • No shoes outside the door

Just like the Asian culture that shouldn’t wear shoes inside the house, in Korea This rule also applies in schools. Students are not allowed to use shoes (commonly worn outside) in the school building. They have to replace the outer shoes with special shoes for indoors to keep the floor clean.

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