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How do I apply to universities in Canada? What is the procedure like? Read the explanation stage per stage from our…

How to apply

Registration must be made directly to the university you are interested in. There is no central registration system like UCAS in the UK, or Common Application in America.

The important thing to know is: every province or territory in Canada is responsible for all education in the region concerned. There is a system that allows you to apply to several universities. For example: OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) in Ontario.

Each university enforces certain entry requirements, so we recommend that you first confirm (from the site or via email to the registration staff) before registering. Registration can be done directly on the university site.

Enroll In Canadian Lectures
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Registration time

Registrations for incoming waves in September of coming year began in October of the previous year. The deadline for enrollment is around January/February, the latest in spring.

Usually applicants will receive a reply within 7 weeks after they submit the registration form along with the requested documents. There are 2 types of processes in Canada.  ‘ Rolling admissions ‘ means the registration staff will immediately determine that you are accepted or not at the time of receiving your registration application. While ‘ competitive admission ‘ means the university will determine which candidates are accepted and which are not at the end of the registration period.

Once you receive the Offer of Admission letter, you will be given a deadline (stated in the letter) to accept or decline.

Once your registration is accepted, you can start applying for a student visa.

Documents required to apply to universities in Canada

A Personal statement is one of the factors that determines if you apply to a university in the U.S. or UK. But in Canada it is not always so. Some universities ask only for transcripts of academic grades and English (original documents and documents that have been translated into English).  Depending on your country of origin, you may be asked for a medical examination (only if requested by the University).

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Admission fee in Canada

Usually the registration fee ranges between $50-100 (CAD). This fee is non-refundable. If you want to apply to multiple institutions at once, it would be more efficient to use a registration system such as the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). There is a registration package for 3 universities, and there will be an additional charge if more. It would be cheaper if you sign up one by one to various universities. However, it is important to note that OUAC only supports enrollment for universities in the Ontario region.

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