Building child and Parent communication in Sex Education

The mention of sex education may still be lacking and rarely heard in the ears of Indonesian society, why? Sex education is still considered taboo for some Indonesians, especially those parents who often consider it inappropriate for children. So before we discuss any further there is good that we understand first what the heck it’s “sex education”?
The information provided in educational sex can actually increase the insight of early childhood if well delivered.  At the base of the school being one of the places where educational sex is given to early childhood, but this is precisely a factor that is still very lacking because there are many poor schools in the notification of the importance of Know sex education.

Sex education should no longer be a taboo thing to be talked about by parents to children, but the delivery of materials and knowledge should also be slowly, and do not see the problem or problematics that exist only in the view of parents . Parents should now be able to do a search or research on what material to teach the child so as not to give a negative impression but give a positive message for the child.

Communication is a fundamental way of giving influence and role to children in the knowledge of sex education. Smooth communication and the meaningful will facilitate the process of delivering educational sex knowledge in children, besides the quantity is also necessary because the usual conversation is not in a planned manner but not at the time has been scheduled, and its usual it also happens when it is often met with a child.

sex education
sex education

The language that should be used (verbal communication) can be seen from several aspects, among others: Skill A Student


The communication done in the child will not be effective if the message conveyed with words that are not understood because it has a vocabulary to be important to communicate. Parents should consider the selection of good and correct vocabulary in educational sex delivery, so that the child also does not misunderstand the explanation of what is given.


Effective and good communication will occur correctly when the sound speed can be adjusted properly that is not too fast and not too slow. Parents should be able to set up and pay attention to the speed when speaking so that the child can easily capture and absorb all the information provided.

Sound Intonation

Every word spoken has an influence on the message and meaning, the sound intonation can change the meaning to be delivered. The intonation of too high sound can be confused as if the child is upholding, and is a barrier to the child in communicating.

Short and clear

Effective communication in the delivery of educational sex from parents to children is good to be delivered briefly but still clear on what you want to be read, or directly to the subject of problems that want to be discussed so that the child is easier Understand and clear over what is delivered. Do not be too convoluted because it will make the child difficult to capture the meaning of information that has been delivered by parents.

The right time

In communicating time is important also because the message (parents) and the recipient of the message (child) should be able to provide time to hear or pay attention to what has been delivered in educational sex delivery. Nursing School Accreditation

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