Best theology colleges in the world

3 Most Popular and Best Theology Colleges in the World – You need to study in the best theology colleges in the world to understand about bible and Christianity. Because of that, you have to know those best colleges so you can apply there. Actually, there are several theology colleges you can apply.

Biola University

Biola University is a good place for you who want to study in Los Angeles or California. The university focuses on apologetics training and bible. You will be guided by the expert such as William Lane Craig J.P. Moreland, Greg Koukl, Craig Hazen, Jay Warner Wallace, and Dough Geivett. This university has a great curriculum along with several degree options such as a Master of Art in Philosophy, apologetics, and religion and science. During the learning process, you will spend at least 12 hours to learn Biblical Greek and Hebrew. Biola University is in the list of the best and accredited master programs worldwide because it has trusted biblical worldview literature for Christian philosophy of science, intelligent design, apologetic critique, and many more. Now, this university has over 6.000 students and becoming one of the largest university in Los Angeles.

Moody Bible Institute

This is a perfect institute for those who want to learn a pure bible. You can learn deeper about how to be a good evangelist along with a trusted training. Due to its high-quality training, Moody Bible Institute becomes the most recognized Christian school in the world. Indeed, it becomes one of the best theology colleges in the world you may apply. The challenge for the student is that they have to spend their daily life in a ministry. While spending time there, you will learn about Christian services, preaching, and teaching. Nowadays, this institute has over 4.000 students and some of them are taking the courses online.         

Liberty University

If you want to be the part of the largest evangelical university in the United States, you may apply to the Liberty University. This university has the largest students on this list along with over 15.000 students. You can also take an online course and there are over 90.000 online students who want to achieve their degree. This is a protestant, evangelical, and Baptist-based university and it makes the university becomes one of the best places to learn Bible. You can also learn more about philosophy and apologetic programs. Due to the curriculum, Liberty University achieves one of the best online colleges, top graduate programs in Christian Apologetics, and colleges for homeschool graduates.

You don’t need to get confused anymore if you want to continue a study in theology. Now, you have three best theology colleges in the world you can apply.    

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