Best psychology colleges in the world

3 Best Psychology Colleges in the World – The interesting part of learning psychology in a college degree is that you can learn so many things such as the history of psychology, statistic, experimental psychology, physiological psychology, and many more. You will get more knowledge and experience if you learn the subjects in the best psychology colleges in the world. Check the detail of the colleges and choose the best one to continue your study.

Stanford University

Stanford University is the largest university in the United States. Among many subjects in this university, psychology becomes one of the most popular majors. Psychology was the first department developed at Stanford University. Because psychology is the most popular major, you have to compete with a lot of student from 90 countries around the world.

You can choose one of five different areas which are science, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology. You also have a chance to work with other departments in Stanford including medicine, law, and business.

The mission of Stanford University is to develop skillful scientists who master the advanced theory and practice so they can create new knowledge to help other people in the real world. This is the reason why Stanford University is in the list of the best and accredited master programs worldwide.    

University College London or UCL

Similar to Stanford University, UCL is also one of the most popular universities and the oldest in London. This university accepts international students around the world. Until today, UCL has over 38.000 students from 150 countries around the world. People love to continue their study on UCL because it accepts students from all religions and gives admission to women.

You also have a chance to continue your study in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences which is the largest department in the UK. This department has approximately 1.500 students. The interesting part is that you can choose one of your favorite psychology programmes such as business psychology, neuroscience, decision science, and human-computer interaction. You may take the undergraduate program which has been accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Princeton University

As one of the best psychology colleges in the world, Princeton University has several psychological degrees such as system neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, perception and cognition, personality and social psychology, and physiological psychology. Princeton University becomes the fourth-oldest institutions in the United States. This is also the place to achieve a Ph.D. degree in psychology.   

Now, you have at least 3 different universities if you want to continue a study in psychology. Those are the best psychology colleges in the world which can support anything you need to be a professional and skillful scientist.    

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