Best marine biology colleges in the world

4 Best Marine Biology Colleges in the World – What are the best marine biology colleges in the world? Around 71% of the earth is the water mainly the ocean. It means, there are still unlimited resources not yet utilized by the human being particularly those related to the ocean creatures. Based on that fact, there is a study program in colleges namely Marine Biology. Just like the name, the program is intended to let the students study more about the ocean and its creature. So, what are the colleges with the best scores of marine biology study programs?

Harvard University

On the top of the list, there is Harvard University with a total score of 8.9. Meanwhile, it got a perfect score of 100 in term of employers and graduates. For the academic indicator, it gains a score of 87.3. The college provides a special faculty for the major namely the Biology of Marine Systems Faculty. It hires numerous professional and competent lecturers as well as the laboratories available are also really modern and sophisticated.

University of Cambridge

Next, we have the University of Cambridge that is known also as one of the best colleges in the UK and the world. Despite providing the best scholarships in the Faculties of Computer and Data Science, this university is also famous for its Marine Biology major. It is proven by the total score 85, naming it as the second best in the world. Interestingly, it got a perfect score, 100, for the academic indicator. It is even higher than the champion, Harvard University.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has proven currently that it becomes a part of the top class universities in the world. The name is even always included in the top 5 universities based on some surveys and polling. One of the best majors provided by MIT is the Marine Biology study program. a total score obtained is 79 and it got the best score for the academic, it is 96.8.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, in general, is indeed the best university in the UK. But in the area of marine biology, it must be ranked lower than its neighbor, the University of Cambridge. The total score gained is quite high anyway. it is 75.1. The higher score is for the academic indicator, it is 85.5. For other indicators, the scores are moderate but the citation score is higher than other best marine biology colleges in the world mentioned above.

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