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Best Cooking Colleges in the World to Make You Becoming a Professional Chef – The best way to be a professional chef is by learning the knowledge from the best cooking colleges in the world. There are several best cooking colleges you can apply. Each of the colleges offers cooking specialization. Let’s check the list below before sending your application letter.

Culinary Institute of America

This culinary institute has several campuses such as in Napa, St. Helena, California, San Antonio, Texas, and Singapore. Students are joining culinary training in a private and non-profit institute. You can take your associate degree program and Bachelor degree program at this institute. The Bachelor degree from this institute leads you to achieve a better career such as becoming a head chef in a five-star hotel and a pastry chef. You are not only learning about how to cook but you can also learn more about how to run a culinary business by taking food business management. There is also an accelerated program for people with working experience in a professional kitchen. You may also work in a Research and Development department if you take the Culinary Science program.

Institute of Culinary Education

Institute of Culinary Education is one of the largest independent culinary school in California. It is also one of the best cooking colleges in the world due to its learning methods and programs. You can take your diploma degree, especially if you want to study culinary art, pastry and baking art, hotel and restaurant management, and hospitality management. It is considered as a short course where students can achieve their degree in six to twelve months. Nowadays, there are over 14.000 graduate students who work in prestigious hotels, restaurants, or start their own culinary business. Students are easy to find a job because the school has a strong connection to some of the best restaurants and food businesses. One of the best achievements is when the institute won an award as the best culinary school in America in 2016. Don’t forget to check also the list of the best and accredited master programs worldwide.      

International Culinary Center

If you really want to be a qualified and skilled chef, you need to continue your study at the International Culinary Center. Some of the professional chefs are graduated from this institute. There are 7 diploma programs such as pastry, baking, and cake design. There is also an interesting on-the-job training for the students so they get more experience in real business and build strong networking. So, if you really want to be a professional chef, just consider those best cooking colleges in the world as the place to study. Those colleges will give you enough knowledge to reach your career as a professional chef.

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