Best computer science colleges in the world

The Best 3 Computer Science Colleges around the World –Are you looking for the best computer science colleges in the world? Well, you are on the right page then. In this age of information, computer science stands at the center of anything. It makes this position gets high in demand especially after the Internet of Things era spread across the world. So, in this article, we are going to show you a list of the best 3 colleges in computer science degree around the world.

#1 Stanford University – The Best Computer Science School in the World

Located in Stanford, California, this university offers a huge advantage that could be asked for by any computer science student, considering this is one of the best computer science colleges in the world. Besides history, this university has produced a lot of awards as well as the ample connections to departments related to science and math fields. Some people might think that this huge success could lead to complacency but it is not how Stanford does it.

For them, it is important to make sure that the future is much more successful than the past. So, if you are really into computer science then this university should be on your list. Even though the passing grade is pretty high, it is worth to try.

#2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Talking about the scholarships with favorite study programs in universities, it will not be fair if we do not include MIT on the list. As the leading science school in the world, there are various factors that contribute to the reputation of this university. Besides the location, this university has achieved 63 Nobel Prize.

There are various computer research centers with a world-class provided by MIT that will support the studies related to computer science. This university is also a leader in bioinformatics, information theory, and nanotechnologies. Many famous founders in the technology field are the alumni of this school, in fact.

#3 University of California Berkeley

Talking about public schools, UC Berkeley is the most respected public school in the world. Various awards have been achieved by this university and a lot of undergraduate students finished in PhDs produced by this university compared to other universities in America. Several founders in the technology field were pursuing their degree in this college. Other than that, UC Berkeley is such a university rich in heritage. It is no doubt if UC Berkeley is one of the best computer science colleges in the world.

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