Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to work as a health professional in hospitals? Well, you need to consider pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing. Often called as BSN, this program will offer you a couple of things. It offers you both the skills and practice theories needed for you to think critically in taking care of patients.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Everything You Need to Know

Where to Pursue Your BSN?

The BSN will need you to complete a four-year nursing school. You can also study the BSN in a medical university that features the nursing school. There are several best MBA from world-class universities that offer BSN programs in the world. In this way, you need to be careful in picking up the one that will be suitable the most for your future career as a health professional. Each of the programs also offers something different includes the program of study, program cost, particular focus (family nursing, community nursing), as well as location. You also need to make sure that the university you choose will offer you both job placement and career guidance. The nursing school also needs to provide you with various options for scholarships or financial aids.

BSN Curriculum and Clinical

The bachelor of science in nursing also comes with various programs. They set curriculum requirements that the students of BSN should fulfill. Generally, the curriculum offered by nursing schools include:

  • Psychology/ Anthropology
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Life Span
  • Statistics
  • Nursing Research
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Community, Family, Geriatric, and Psych overviews
  • Microbiology
  • Nursing Theory
  • Basic Pharmacology/ Math for Medicine

Aside from the above curriculum, there are a number of required courses that the students of BSN must complete such as literature, art, English/ composition, social sciences, physical education, and history. This is important since the BSN is a bachelor degree with a full-fledged.

Meanwhile, the clinical in the BSN includes a wide range of facilities addressed for patients. The advanced clinical will make it possible for you to select between the unique environments which are based on your specific goals and interests in the field. For instance, you might need to work in a local hospital when you have to spend the first part of your degree. However, during the latter part of your studies, you might choose to pursue clinical experiences in various long-term clinical facilities such as psych facilities, a public health department, and more. But, whatever you choose, pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing and have a future career as a health professional will need you to have licenses in all states.

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