Bachelor Degree Abbreviation – Everything You Need to Know

Though the bachelor degree program is not something new, people still often find it confusing to understand the bachelor degree abbreviation. In addition, the technical terms used in the degree program. Get to know more about the bachelor degree programs along with the abbreviation and technical terms used in this following article.

Bachelor’s Degree – What Is It Actually?

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year degree program. In other words, you have to take four years of full-time study in order to get your bachelor degree. You will be required to complete 40 college courses or 120 credit hours. This is a post-secondary undergraduate degree in which the students will have to join the liberal art classes. In liberal art courses, the students will learn mathematics, history, psychology, critical thinking, English, and more. Some of the best MBA from world-class universities that you can find in the United States include Western Governors University, Strayer University Online, Capella University, and Southern New Hampshire University.

Bachelor Degree Abbreviation

Abbreviation in Bachelor Degree Programs

Generally, there are three most common types of bachelor degrees taken by the students. Most of the time, people only know them through the bachelor degree abbreviation such as BA degree, BS degree, and BFA degree.

  • BA Degree

BA degree stands for Bachelor of Arts. This degree program needs the students to have more focus on exploring the liberal arts and take fewer concentration courses. In pursuing the degree program, the student will be given more freedom to customize their education in order to fulfill their aspirations and goals for their future careers. Generally, the majors of the BA program include communications, theater, English, modern language, art, and music.

  • BS Degree

Meanwhile, the BS degree stands for Bachelor of Science that requires the students to have a less focus on exploration. On the other hands, the students should have more focus on a specific concentration. They need to specifically focus on their major field as well as their future career. Some of the most popular majors that the students of BS degree can take include economics, nursing, computer science, chemical engineering, and more.

  • BFA Degree

BFA is another bachelor degree abbreviation that stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts. The BFA program is specially designed to allow the students to become professionals in the creative arts. The bachelor degree program can guide the students to become actors, dancers, sculptors, singers, painters, actors, and more.

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