Have you ever heard of Argus Leader First Class? If you have not heard anything about that, then keep on reading this article. Argus Leader First Class is a kind of a scholarship and scholarship is what people need these days. As we all know, there are many people who are struggling to enroll in Universities because they do not have much money to pay for tuition. It is not a surprising thing anymore that college tuition getting more expensive every year. That is why getting scholarships with favorite study programs in Universities are very important for those who want to enroll in a good University and get a stable job after they graduate. If you are interested in getting this scholarship, then stay with us.

Things You Need to Know about Argus Leader First Class

Although there are so many scholarships which you can find either online or offline, it is still a bit difficult to find one if you are in a small area such as the Sioux Falls area. The reason is that college scholarships tend to be available in bigger areas. However, for those who live in the Sioux Falls area, you can apply for the Argus Leader First Class. This scholarship will have 12 potential first-generation University students and honor and reward them with a scholarship.

This scholarship program will choose students who will be the first-generation college students in their family. To put it simply, the students are going to be the first member of their family to go undertake post-secondary education. The aim of this scholarship is to recognize the potential of the students and support them. The chosen students along with their families will be coached and guided about the path of being a high school student to a college student. That is why there are so many high school juniors who want to apply because of the benefit.

General Requirements

The students have to display their academic preparedness for college. The students also have to have a high school GPA at or above 3.0 and at least a 20 ACT composite score.

Scholarship Awards The Argus Leader of the Argus Leader First Class scholarship will be rewarded the recipient $1,000 which will go to the cost of any Universities, colleges, or technical schools. Those who want to enroll in the Augustana University will get a minimum of $2,000 and the Augustana University academic scholarship.

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