Affordable Accredited Master’s in School Counseling

5 Most Affordable Accredited Master’s in School Counseling -In this article, we will show you the 5 most affordable accredited master’s in school counseling. Some people really want to know the names of the best universities for graduate jobs. And of course, some of them can be finished through online courses. There are several names of the universities that will provide School Counseling major to qualified applicants.

#1 Fort Hays State University – affordable online master’s degree in school counseling

School Counseling online course will help students to prepare their state licensure before getting into the professional world or becoming a certified school counselor. This tuition is around USD 4,000 and further information can be read from the website. The main thing you need to fulfill is maintaining a GPA of 3.0 in last 60 hours, official transcripts, personal statement, and two letters of reference.

#2 Chadron State College

The tuition is USD 5,647 and this university is located in Nebraska. This is also one of the most affordable accredited Master’s in school counseling programs for you who look for an online course for graduate education. Almost the whole program is delivered through the online course and you do not need to go to the campus or other local schools.

#3 University of the Cumberlands

This university offers online education for a master’s degree. Basically, the school counseling track has a specific concentration and it includes a coursework experience for 45 credits. The class includes trends in issues and trends in special education, counseling aspects of loss and grief, human behavior development and learning, and cultural-social foundation with theory and practice. The admission requires a series of terms and conditions which can be accessed through its official website.

#4 Southern Arkansas University

This university offers a master’s degree in school counseling for the online class. You can complete the degree for less than 3 years. Within 3 years of education, you will get two courses per semester even in summer. Other than that, students will get basic counseling skills, counseling in a diverse society, career counseling theory and practice, human development for helping professionals, and also development and administrations of school counseling programs.

#5 Angelo State University

This university is one of the best online schools for school counseling. If you are going to pursue school counselor careers in Texas then you need to add this class on your consideration list. The online courses include social and cultural influences, the role of the school counselor, career and occupational counseling, human growth and development, and comprehensive school counseling program. Also, this is the end section of affordable accredited Master’s in school counseling.

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