The $6,500 4-Year South Dakota Opportunity College Education Scholarship and More Options Are you looking for a $6,500 4-year South Dakota opportunity college education scholarship?
There are some areas and states in the US that offer scholarships for students. One of them is South Dakota. Yes, there are some kinds of scholarships offered by the government and institutions in this area that you should grab fast. Well, one of them is the popular $6,500 scholarship for 4 years. But some more scholarships are offered for you. Here they are.

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

This scholarship offers you $6,500 for tuition in 4 years. it is intended for some students with some qualifications. Some of them are the hard-working high school graduates and getting good scores during the schools. You need to fill in the data and submit it as the requirement. The money can be taken per year with a total of $1,200. Sure, it means that you need to put more efforts and study hard to be graduated in 4 years.

Horatio Alger South Dakota Scholarship Program

The scholarships are designed and developed for students who come from families with financial problems. Approximately, the family’s income must be $55,000 per year or lower. Sure, it also requires the students to have good achievements during their high schools. You also must finish the bachelor’s degree only in 4 years. The money obtained is more than the $6,500 4-year South Dakota opportunity education scholarship; it is even around $7,000.

Jerry Wheeler Scholarship Program

The amount of money to get from this scholarship is indeed less than the other two programs mentioned above. They are only approximately $500-$1,600. So, it is necessary for you who actually don’t have any financial problem but still want to get scholarships to lighten up your burden in paying off the tuition. The program is available for all majors you are interested in including the best scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science.

Augustana University Hatterscheidt Scholarship

If you are interested in studying at Augustana University for free, this program is worth to apply. There are not so many requirements for this. It is only you must be a resident of South Dakota. Besides, the GPA must be 3.0 or more on the scale of 4.0 when graduating from senior high school. The amount of money to get is around $2,000. Well, it is indeed not a full scholarship but it is plenty to pay off the tuition and living cost. So, do you want to get a $6,500 4-year South Dakota opportunity education scholarship?

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