6 Facts about attracting education in Finland World’s best rated

6 Facts about attracting education in Finland World’s best rated

Education is very important to humans. Not just yourself but for the nation and the country. In every country such as Finland certainly differ with its education system, ranging from school hours, during the national exam, and the material though.

The country is rated to have the best education system in the world and can produce promising human resources. There are a number of factors that make the education standard in Finland very high.

One of them is having a qualified teacher. Teachers in the European countries must be strictly selected ranging from value, their integrity, their passion for teaching, and what works can support education in Finland. Teachers must earn a master’s degree and Top 10 best graduates of a university.

Perhaps the world of their education so impressed very heavily and seriously. Let’s look at six interesting facts about the education system in Finland that may differ considerably from our forecasts.

firlandia education
firlandia education

Free paced

In Finland, all schools are considered equal, they do not know the excellent school or favorite. Parents do not have to worry about education costs because they are all free. Not only that, the school in Finland also has free lunch, transportation and health costs.

Study 5 hours a day

Elementary School (SD) students in Finland spent only 4-5 hours per day at the School. For Junior High School and High School, they have the same university. They only came to school at the hour of the subject they chose only.

For the Finnish people to believe, the short school hours are able to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the students, making them intelligent children.

No PR and Ranking

In Finland, students are not given homework alias. If there is very minimal. They just have to break almost three times more than other Country’s students. Children so do not feel depressed by having a load of homework.

They also do not know the ranking system, because the students no one is considered clever or stupid. This makes the education gap in Finland very small.

No National Exam

The Finnish Government believes teachers to evaluate student lessons. The government in the Scandinavian state considers it a judge who can assess and better know the ability of his students. This makes students not depressed and free to hone their skills in the areas they are interested in.

Lots of rest and play

In Finland, school break times can be up to 45 minutes. The School activities are also filled with play. They believe each student will succeed if they have sufficient time to relax or rest. Parents believe that children can learn through many ways, one of them plays.

The Complete facilities

For the Finnish community, the success of their child’s education is also determined by adequate school facilities. Because of that in school there are many playrooms or shared discussions.

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In addition, the gym is also widely available to make the mind and body of students can be fresh at all times.

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