There are so many scholarships which you can find nowadays including $500 Augustana Camp Scholarship. If you want to, you can even find the best scholarships in the Faculties of Computer and Data Science. We all know that in this modern era, college tuition is very expensive. That is why there are so many students who decide to search for scholarships. However, most of the scholarships need high GPA point which results in they have to abandon their extracurricular activities. Yet, there is one scholarship from Augustana University which is very suitable and perfect for high schoolers. With this scholarship, they will not have to sacrifice their extracurricular activities. Therefore, if you want to know the short explanation about the scholarship along with the requirement, keep on reading this article.

What is Augustana Camp Scholarship?

$500 Augustana Camp Scholarship is a kind of scholarship from Augustana University. This scholarship is meant for high schoolers to prepare for their college. Normally, high schoolers will be required to focus either on their GPA points or their extracurricular activities. However, in Augustana Camp Scholarship, high schoolers do not need to choose between academic or extracurricular activity because they can focus on both and still can apply for the scholarship. As long as they are a camp counselor, then they are good to go. Those who apply for this scholarship will receive $500 every two semesters. Meaning, you will get $250 every semester.

General Requirements

To be able to apply for this Augustana Camp Scholarship, you must be a camp counselor or other camp-related positions for at least 6 weeks during the summer in the Lutheran camps. The Lutheran camps have to be located in places such as Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Those who want to apply for the scholarship should already have a position in the Lutheran camp. Do keep in mind that you must already be in your position even before the camp starts. Also, in order to get the scholarship, you have to complete the camp in good standing.

How to Apply

To apply for this $500 Augustana Camp Scholarship, you can get the online application form from the official website. You have to complete the application form before the camp starts and after you receive the camp position. You will also be required to take the application form to the camp director to fill up the state of your work commitment and sign the application form.

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