5 Reasons To Study In Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with a world class education.

  • A strong international community

There are 32.000 international students attending Ireland (and this number is growing). Half of Ireland’s population are those under the age of 30, a majority of which are students or new graduates. mentioned that education in Ireland focuses on attracting high-calibre students from India, China, America, Malaysia, Brazil, the studying in the country at any one time (and this number is actually increasing!). So you won’t be the only one. Tells us that Education in Ireland is focused on attracting high calibre students from India, China, the US, Malaysia, Brazil and other countries.

  • Art Center

Ireland is rich in art and literature. Many international students choose Ireland as a lecture site for this reason.

To Study In Ireland
To Study In Ireland

This can be proved from Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney and William Butler Yeats all from Ireland. Even a adaptations The Odyssey, Ulysses by James Joyce was also made in Dublin. Everyone who learns English literature or European literature will surely admire the authors of Irish origin. Many come to Dublin and Cork, which are cities with ancient European cultures, where various literary works were created to study the background of the literary work.

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In 1960, the Irish government ran a strategy to make Ireland an ‘ island of innovation ‘ in the fields of biopharmaceutical, informatics technology and Life Sciences. This strategy was quite successful, as many countries viewed Ireland as the center of development of the areas mentioned above.

  • Forward thinking and friendly

Irish television comedy Father Ted often insinuations the misconceptions of Ireland that are considered to be both traditional and outdated, but try to look ‘ modern ‘ and ‘ cool ‘. The advanced and innovative nature of Ireland was evident with American Football GIFT tournaments held in the country in 2012, bringing many American students to Ireland.

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GIFT tournament coincides with a successful collaboration between Ireland and the University of Notre Dame, where American visitors come to watch this tournament in Ireland. Irish education participates in tournaments to promote Ireland as a lecture destination for American visitors. We are very proud to be involved in this event and are very pleased to see students and parents are so interested in higher education in Ireland, and seriously consider Ireland as their child’s college destination. ‘

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Meanwhile, the Irish citizens were very friendly and cheerful, with an impressive speech accent. If you get lost or need help, don’t feel comfortable asking the people around. Ireland is even listed in the list of the safest countries in the world.

  • European experience

With a lecture in Ireland, you will not only learn the perspective of Ireland, but also Europe as a whole ‘. Cities such as Dublin are famous tourist destinations in Europe. As a member of the EU, inter-state transportation is very practical. You can take a ferry to the UK within 1 to 4 hours, depending on your departure and destination. Or you can also board a plane. Affordable.

  • Interesting place

If you are already accustomed to living in a crowded area, Ireland can give you peace of mind. While Dublin and Cork are modern cities, you can still enjoy the beautiful and peaceful natural scenery, perfect if you are mumble with a pile of tasks or a close exam schedule.

The author recommends places such as The Cliffs of Moher in Clare, located on the Atlantic coast, and the amazing architecture at College Trinity.

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