5 countries with affordable tuition fees, anywhere?

Bears a higher education degree so more guarantees in career. That is why, despite the work, many people are still excited to continue their education to the higher level. Scholarship, the one that was the game. Yes, after having an income, many people try to continue their education to a higher level. Not satisfied with the title of undergraduate degree, they want more to master level or even a doctoral level.

However, many also do not want to continue the education at own expense. They also have a wide range of scholarship opportunities. Nowadays, you can find a lot of scholarship opportunities offered by educational institutions, Governments, universities, and even companies. The scholarships offered are varied, ranging from partial scholarship to full scholarship for undergraduate degree, Master degree, and doctoral degree.

However, without scholarship, there are many countries that since the beginning provide an education at a cost. Interestingly, although inexpensive but still with the quality of education is very high. This is worth a try. Especially, for those of you who have a school dream abroad.

tuition fees
tuition fees

Choosing your Education Destination Country

For those of you who have a dream got a master degree from a college abroad, there are a few things to note. Especially about the selection of destination countries. Well, here are some country options that you can make consideration, as quoted from wormtraders.com:

  • Berlin, Germany

In the past, Germany was a popular lecture destination. Berlin, the capital of Germany, including a friendly city on migrant students. Many colleges in Germany have a very good reputation for their tolerant and multicultural attitudes.

The university includes Humboldt University and the Technical University of Berlin. Berlin also offers free lectures for all local and immigrant students.

  • Vienna, Austria

Austria ranks first as a country for foreign workers. One of The best universities in Austria is The Vienna University in Vienna. The campus stands at 1815 as the Imperial Royal Polytechnic Institute.

The campus offers the best facilities with eight faculties available. The faculty include the Faculty of Planning and Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, faculty of Industrial and Mechanical engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Technology of Indormasi, Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, and faculty of Information systems.

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Similar to Berlin, the tuition fee in Vienna is free for all European students. For students outside Europe, an affordable tuition fee of 500 US dollars per year is required.

  • Spain

The cost of education in the country matador is very affordable. You only need to spend a fee of 15 million annually. The cost of living in Spain is also quite friendly, about 7 million per month. If tested, the cost should be incurred no more than 84 million per year.

  • French

Special light show illuminating Eiffel Tower in Paris, Thursday. It is related when the French country icon that started to open in 1889 celebrates 300 million visitors.

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The country is identical to the cost of expensive living. However, the fact says another. If you intend to continue studying in this country, you need a living cost of about 300 to 500 euros per month. Lectures are very affordable, about 5 millions per year.

  • Taiwan

For the region of Asia, Taiwan is the most appropriate city to pursue college. Here, you need USD 3,800 to get into one of the best universities there. Taiwan also gives scholarship opportunities for outstanding students. That means you can take an education there with a much lower cost, or even free.

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