5 Careers with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting

You should know that a bachelor of science in accounting could lead to various careers. This degree will allow you to explore and be in charge of various responsibilities in all work sectors such as government, private, and even nonprofit. In this article, we are going to show you 5 types of careers you can get once you have a title of bachelor science degree in accounting. So, all you need to do know is read this article thoroughly and you may need to consider to get enrolled in the best universities for graduate jobs.

Bachelor of Science in accounting jobs

Public Accountant

The first yet most famous job for a Bachelor of Science in Accounting is to become a public accountant. In order to widen their private practice they will join an accounting firm in the first place. Essentially, the contracts will include deals with individuals, corporations, and businesses to deal with tax returns, financial records, complete audits, and compile monthly statements.

Forensic investigator or accountant

The graduates from science in accounting degree could get into a forensic investigator or accountant and work for criminal activity or investigating financing compliance. In the cases of criminal matters, the accountants could “follow the money” such as reviewing the financial statements for compliances with regulations and laws or processing the tax audits.

Corporate Accountant

Business accounting departments will need a corporate accountant to provide the services related to accounting matters such as monthly statement compilations, financial records maintenance, budget preparation, or even bookkeeping on a daily basis. Accountants in this job are responsible for various things such as government law and regulations, accounting principles, and so on.

Internal auditor

Internal auditors are needed by both government and corporations. The main focus of their job is reviewing and improving the practices, procedures, and policies. Internal auditory may also make reviews of specific types of transactions and other similar things related to the accounting principles. If there is a case of suspicious activities, internal auditors may be asked to investigate, reviews, interviews, and other things related to the findings.

Tax examiner

If you have a degree in Bachelor of Science then you can get to be a tax examiner. You can work for government agencies to help business and citizens related to the tax payment things. They will review the tax returns for both omissions and errors, confirm information of the fliers. And this is the end section of Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

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