4 Courses with Online Teaching Jobs

What are online teaching jobs? The limited time and high mobility should not be a reason for you the students not to study. In fact, there are many websites that provide online teaching-learning and materials. This way, the students may not need to go directly to the courses. They can just turn on their Smartphone and then browse the sites or open the apps. On the other hand, it should be good chances for other people to be online teachers. So, what are the sites who provide the online teaching vacancy? Here they are.


HigherEdJobs is known for giving the largest vacancy particularly for being the online teachers. There are even 21,000 job postings and they are available for applicants all around the world. The website is really easy to access. There are some options to limit the areas of jobs based on the majors and specializations. Interestingly, the salary you can get per month is quite high for the case that you can do all the teaching activities from home.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Many education websites may only offer materials for students. Meanwhile, the Chronicle of Higher Education is a little bit different. It provides information related to the study, colleges, and even scholarships. One of them is the best scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science. Sure, there are also vacancies available for being teachers and online education workers. If you just love teaching, you should not miss out this one.


The next site is GoTraining. Different from the HigherEdJobs that provides a larger scope of teaching, GoTraining is focused on soft skills as the products offered. Meanwhile, the academic products are also available although they are not the primary things to sell. To support the students, they are teachers needed. So, it is a good chance for you to apply for the job if you are interested to be a teacher.


Online study in Coursera enables the study to learn the materials from modules provided by many schools and universities all around the world. Even John Hopkins University, University of Michigan, and Illinois are examples of the top universities that provide online materials in Coursera. Aside from the materials, the lecturers or teachers are also needed to support the students. It is not bad to join this online course to support the students’ education in the world. So, are you interested in joining the online teaching jobs?

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