3 Courses To Study In Finland

Internationally known for its educational and health systems is good, and as the 5th country happiest in the world, there are many reasons that encourage international students to lecture to Finland. Interest in Nordic areas has also been higher since the European Union increased workforce mobility by 31.510 people to Finland in 2014.

Lectures abroad include making many important decisions, such as where to attend, what departments, and which universities are appropriate. If you are interested in college to Finland, some of these majors can be considered, especially if you are planning to pursue a career and settle there after graduation. 

Community service, Health and sports

This field includes a field of labor shortages, so there are many opportunities available in the healthcare and community services sector. Finland is aware that youth in their country alone are not enough to fulfill a job vacancy that needs to be filled, so they are looking for an outside workforce.

Community service, Health and sports
Community service, Health and sports

Many Finnish hospitals are persuading expatriates in Sweden to return to the homeland, while many companies attend recruitment weeks in Europe to attract new talents.

The growing demand for healthcare professionals is a great opportunity for international Labour. Before starting to work, training will be provided carefully. One of the obstacles may be the language. But if you want to try, it is certainly not impossible that the international workforce can also communicate smoothly with the patient.

Social sciences, business and administration

More than 6.500 businesses in Finland were pioneered by migrants. Finland is a country that is easy to start business. Many people are entrepreneurial here, especially those who do not want to work under the supervision of others. There’s also a lot of help for your business – you just need to find out.

The site Invest in Finland is a great place to start finding out about the opportunities available. English is commonly used in Finland. 90% of locals who are under 30 years old use English.

Social sciences, business and administration
Social sciences, business and administration

According to the site Invest in Finland, Finland is the largest contributor to global innovation in the world. So, majoring in science or business and administration will open up many opportunities in this sector.

Technology, Communication and transportation

Finland is the brains of a wide range of technologies that dominate the world, from the Nokia 1100 to the many favorite games, Angry Birds. The course of IT courses in Finland will give you the opportunity to engage in world-changing innovations.

For example, Linus Torvalds, a computer science student from Helsinki, created the operating system for his new computer, and later became known by the Linux name. This is just one example of a project that starts itself, then develops rapidly and is now used everywhere; Wi-Fi router, industrial computers and even sniper rifles.

Technology, Communication and transportation
Technology, Communication and transportation

Technology can reach anywhere, such as the transportation industry. The new Program managed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication and Tekes aims to establish the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Making everyone connected with any kind of transportation just via smartphone is one of the steps to make Finland a smart city. With this ongoing project, Finland will continue to accept international students who are interested and are happy to think ahead, especially in terms of technology.

Is the course of your choice mentioned above? Why not start looking for a university that’s right for you in education Finland?

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