10 Best Universities for Graduate Jobs in the World

10 Best Universities for Graduate Jobs in the World – Undeniably, the choice of university will determine our career in the future. Vice versa, the graduates also have many roles as an indicator of how popular the college is. Yes, certain universities are considered good and prestigious so that many companies just love to hire employees from them. Meanwhile, competent graduates are able to give plus points to universities. Based on that fact, you must consider well what university to be applied whether it is for the bachelor degree or master degree. So, what are the recommendations?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Bachelor Reddit

For 6 years in a row, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT has been on the top of the best universities in the world list. The institute is located in Massachusetts, the US and it successfully obtains perfect scores in almost all the indicators. Well, one of the indicators is regarding the graduates or alumni reputation. Indeed, the graduates of this institute are proven to be qualified and accepted well in the career world. Many others are also named as successful businessmen.

Stanford University

The graduates of Stanford University are also known as the graduates that are highly looked for by the multinational companies. The college is located in the area of Silicon Valley and it is said that the good environment becomes one of the reasons why the students are able to study very well. In general, the scores gained by this university are the same as MIT. Unfortunately, the number of international graduates is still left behind. The best graduates are mainly for some faculties including the Bachelor of Arts and science. You can also learn why nursing school accreditation matters here.

Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest country in the US as well as it is really popular worldwide. There are more than 30 heads of state are from this university. Meanwhile, it also produces around 48 Noble winners and 48 Pulitzer winners. Meanwhile, there are countless famous people from Harvard in the realms of politicians, artists, and celebrities. Based on those facts, Harvard University is indeed one of the best universities for graduate jobs in the world. Unfortunately, the score has been decreased recently and it must be satisfied only on the third rank. Meanwhile, the graduates with good careers from this university nowadays are mostly the Bachelor of Science and law.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is also known as Caltech. This institute was previously on the second rank of the list. However, the rank is decreased so that this year, it is only on number 5. However, it doesn’t mean that the graduates’ quality is also lowered down. In fact, the graduates of Caltech are still hunted by many companies in the world. Even, there are special places for the Bachelor of Engineering from this institute.

University of Cambridge

In term of the alumni’s score, the University of Cambridge is a step above its neighbor, the University of Oxford. This renowned university in the UK indeed has some great alumni from year to year. Some notable names are Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Charles the Prince of Wales, and more. Well, even this university has been awarded the best CSWE Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs recently.

University of Oxford

A number below the University of Cambridge, there is the University of Oxford. Well, the general score of this university is above Cambridge but unfortunately, it is not for the graduates’ reputation score. But you should not worry since it is still one of the higher scores in the world. Yes, there are indeed some notable alumni of this university. Before continuing his study in Cambridge, Stephen Hawking took his bachelor degree here. Meanwhile, some other famous names are David Cameron, Theresa May, and Benazir Bhutto. Many other alumni also find easier ways in their jobs including the public relation jobs.

Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the universities in the US and the world with many famous graduates. They are coming from the realms of politicians, businessmen, celebrities, scientists, artists, and more. Some of the popular names are Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon and Michelle Obama. Interestingly, other graduates tend to have good careers as well. That’s why; many people just want to continue their study here including for special programs like the online bachelor degree programs and bachelor degree abbreviation.

University College London

University College London or UCL is number 3 in the UK in term of academic and educational quality. The same number is also found for the quality of graduates. Interestingly, it is also named as one of the most diverse university in the world for the students and alumni who came from various countries, races, and backgrounds. There are many programs that are demanded in the UCL. Some of them are the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor Science in Nursing.

University of Chicago

Do you want to get a higher ed jobs of bachelor data science computer? If yes, it seems that the University of Chicago should be the place where you study. Although it is not as popular as Harvard or Princeton, the high scores gained by this college just prove that the University of Chicago along with the graduates are able to compete well. Yes, even the data science computer study program is indeed qualified. Besides, some notable alumni also come from the Bachelor of Science in accounting.

ETH Zurich

If you want to look for an affordable accredited master’s in School Counseling, it seems that ETH Zurich is the best answer. Yes, it is not in the US or the UK but it is in Switzerland. It provides you may quality study programs including for the Counseling and Guidance. The scores are higher including for the alumni reputation. The only lack of this university is indeed regarding the ratio of students and lecturers that is not ideal. But still, the graduates of ETZ Zurich are demanded worldwide. For the facts mentioned above, it is reasonable if this university is included in the list of the best universities for graduate jobs.

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