10 Best Scholarships in the Faculties of Computer and Data Science

10 Best Scholarships in the Faculties of Computer and Data Science Worldwide – The development of information and technology is so rapid recently. You even call today as the digital era since computers along with the programs take over almost all the human roles. Based on that fact, it is a good idea to choose computer and data science as the major in college. Interestingly, there are so many scholarships offered for this. The scholarships are also for some other studies integrated into the computer and data science. $6,000 online college business analytics scholarships are examples for this. Do you want to know more? Here is the list.

Argus Leader First Class Scholarships

Argus Leader is one of the organizations that offer scholarships for international students. It has collaborated with some universities in the US including Augustana University. Some packages are available including the $500 Augustana Camp Scholarship. Sure, the scholarships include many study programs or majors. One of them is the majors in the faculty of computer and data science.

University of Sydney Scholarships

The University of Sydney, as the name, is located in Sydney, Australia. This university is even known as the best university in Australia and on the 50th rank in the world. It offers some scholarships for the students. One of the most popular scholarships from the University of Sydney is the 40% tuition fee for women MBA distance learning MBA scholarship. However, do you know that it also offers many scholarships for other programs? Some of the scholarships are available for the 21 programs of computer science and information technology.

Rotary Peace Fellowship

Rotary Peace Fellowship is an organization that is cooperated with some universities in the world to give scholarships to international students. Some of the universities are Duke University, the US; International Christian University, Japan; University of Bradford; the UK, and some more. The scholarships offered are including the full tuition fee MSC Information Security and Computer Science. So, if you are interested in computer things, this scholarship is necessary for you.

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship is managed by the UK government and it is indeed one of the most famous and prestigious scholarships in the world. The scholarships are given for students with good achievements and leadership. Sure, there are many study programs offered including for the majors or computer and data science. So, do you want to study in Queen Elizabeth’s country and need money for college? This $1,000 scholarship might be just what you’re looking for.

Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarships are another program with scholarships in the faculties of computer and data science from the UK for international students but they are only limited to some countries. Those countries are Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Jamaica and Caribbean Commonwealth, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, the US, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The money found is for tuition and living cost. Many study programs are available here including for computer science. Besides, many students who apply for this scholarship are recently interested in the free online course about IT project & program management more.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards is one of the most demanded scholarships in Australia. It is particularly for them who want to continue their bachelor’s programs. There are approximately $140,500 Endeavour Scholarships for postgraduate degree programs are conducted by the institution every year. The institution has cooperated with some top colleges in Australia with many study programs offered. Well, computer and data science is one of them.

National University of Singapore Scholarships

The scholarships for computer science majors are also conducted by the National University of Singapore. This university has been established since 1905 in the area of Kent Ridge. There are many study programs offered here and computer science is one of them. Currently, this university also opens a scholarship program for students with good achievements. For computer science, the scholarships available are for 21 people. So, do you have a passion for mustangs? Them try and apply for this $500 grant.

Horatio Alger Denny Sanford Scholarships

The scholarships are offered by an organization established by Denny Sanford. He is a billionaire who gives a chance for international students to study in the university and study program they want in the areas of the US. Sure, collaborations with some universities are done for this including South Dakota University. That’s why; aside from being named Horatio Alger Denny Sanford $25000 College Education Scholarship, people also know it as the $6,500 4-year South Dakota Opportunity College Education Scholarships. Well, the computer and data science is one of the majors available here.

$1,000 Citibank Endowed Scholarship for College Education

The scholarship program can also be conducted by institutions outside the field of education. One of them is the Citibank Endowed Scholarship from the Citibank Company. This program offers money for around $1,000 for tuition. The students who deserve the scholarships are international students who are interested to study in the US with some particular terms and conditions. Sure, there are some universities that are in collaboration with it. So, are you interested to study computer science and other programs for free? This scholarship can be a good answer.

Swiss Excellence Scholarship

Some countries in Europe also put some efforts to make a good relationship with other countries. Well, the scholarship for international students is one of them. Switzerland is one of those countries with its Swiss Excellence Scholarship. There are some study programs for this in various universities in the country. The most popular ones are indeed the 20% tuition fee on online postgraduate nursing scholarship. But more than that, it offers scholarships for other majors also including computer science. So, are you in need for extra money for college? This $500 scholarship should be taken into account.

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For the scholarships mentioned above, money should not be a problem to continue your study. There are still chances for you to improve your quality in various study programs you are intending including the computer and data science programs. Moreover, there are many best robotics engineering colleges in the world with majors for computer science. So, you can just apply for one of the best scholarships in the Faculties of Computer and Data Science above.

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